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  1. How much will tuition cost?
    Students enrolling in ICRE courses will be charged the rate for Graduate Tuition: Pennsylvania Residents | Tuition Rates and Fees (

  2. How do I set up my Pitt account?
    Once matriculated, non-degree students will receive an email from Pitt with instructions on how to set up their account. This email will be sent to the account listed in the Non-Degree Application. If you encounter any issues, please contact the Pitt IT Help Desk.

  3. What if I need to change my enrollment?

    Adds: Please try to finalize your enrollment selection prior to sending your signed enrollment form to the Student Services Coordinator. We will not accept enrollment requests after the first day of the term.

    Drops: Enrolled students may request to be dropped from a course up to 5 business days after the course has begun. Please reach out to the Student Services Coordinator with the following information:

    • A brief explanation as to why you need to drop the course
    • A completed enrollment form with the following:

      • Your name
      • Your Student ID number
      • The course(s) you wish to drop in the “Drop” column in this format:
      • Your signature

  4. How often do I need to submit a non-degree application to take classes with the ICRE?
    Once you are matriculated as a non-degree student, your account will remain active for three consecutive terms (1 year). The ICRE accepts non-degree enrollment forms during the University’s Open Enrollment period while the non-degree student remains active. Applicants may submit their signed enrollment form to the Student Services Coordinator who will then place them on the appropriate waitlists.

  5. Can I audit a course as a Non-Degree student?
    Although quite rare, non-degree students may request to audit a course with the ICRE. Auditing has no impact on seat availability and will not change your place on the waitlist, nor will it result in credit hours toward graduation or impact your GPA. To audit a course, non-degree students must officially enroll in the course, pay tuition, and express intent to audit with the Student Services Coordinator prior to obtaining written permission from the course instructor via email.

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