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Certificate in Clinical Research

Designed for highly talented individuals from a broad range of disciplines, this program provides the skills essential to design and conduct high-quality clinical and translational research

The Certificate in Clinical Research Program is aligned with the mission of the Institute for Clinical Research Education to offer the highest-caliber training and education in clinical research and to enhance collaboration among trainees from multiple disciplines. This program is geared toward clinicians who are pursuing a research career, and can be completed over a year of part-time study.

  1. Rigorous Core Curriculum

    The core curriculum provides trainees with the basic set of skills that are required by clinical investigators in all fields of interest. These skills include an understanding of research design, epidemiologic methods, biostatistics, study and survey design, measurement of outcomes, and ethical and regulatory principles of research involving human subjects. Please note that our summer core required courses are held in-person. Additional information regarding these courses can be found under the Programs Details tab.

  2. Individualized Training

    Students pursuing the Certificate can select from a wide variety of courses to fulfill 6 credits of elective coursework.

  3. Built for Clinicians

    Our courses are designed with the busy clinician schedule in mind. Instead of the traditional, 15-week-long graduate courses, our courses are 1 or 2 months in duration. Additionally, several of our courses are now offered online and in a hybrid format. We strive to keep our programs practical, flexible, and convenient, while maintaining the rigor you’d expect from a renowned research university like the University of Pittsburgh.

For information about the curriculum, program requirements, and tuition, see the Program Details page.


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Director of Academic Programs in Clinical Research

Institute for Clinical Research Education
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