Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists to Success (LEADS)

A yearlong fellowship in translational research for junior faculty and postdocs at Minority Serving Institutions

LEADS is an innovative, year-long program in Translational Research designed to meet the unique needs of junior faculty and postdocs at partnering Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) who belong to underrepresented groups, as defined by the National Institutes of Health. Scholars will develop skills in multiple areas including grant writing and team science, which are essential to launching a successful biomedical research career.


  1. Online Training Modules

    Scholars take month-long online training modules to develop specific competencies. These modules combine asynchronous and synchronous activities to help trainees network while they learn.

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  3. Career Coaching

    Leaders at the partnering MSIs serve as career coaches to advise and support trainees as they build biomedical research careers.

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  5. Customized Career Development

    Scholars plan and track their careers by using a Customized Career Development Plan.

Scholars who complete the program 1) Earn a Certificate in Research Skills Development, 2) Earn a letter of commendation, 3) Are eligible for travel awards to disseminate their research at conferences, and 4) Earn CME credit.

LEADS is sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH), grant R25 GM116740. There is no cost to participants. For more information on the program, including eligibility, career coaching, and travel awards, see the Program Details page.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of the principal investigator (Doris Rubio, PhD, ICRE Director) and the designated senior faculty member from each participating MSI, who also serve as the career coaches for their respective institutions as well as trainers for other faculty members at their institutions.

The ICRE’s Diversity Committee provides oversight to the LEADS Program by making final decisions on selecting trainees, working with instructors on developing their modules, awarding travel funds, and resolving any conflicts that may arise. The committee is made up of faculty members from multiple schools and departments at the University of Pittsburgh, all of whom have significant experience and leadership roles within the University.

Partnering MSIs

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Partnering InstitutionsSite Lead
Faculty: Magda Shaheen, MD, PhD, magdashaheen@cdrewu.edu
Faculty: Luisel Ricks-Santi, PhD, luisel.rickssanti@hamptonu.edu
Faculty: Patricia Y. Talbert, PhD, patricia.talbert@howard.edu
Faculty: Stephanie Bailey, MD, MS, sbailey@mmc.edu
Faculty: Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS, aquarshie@msm.edu
Faculty: Deepak Kumar, PhD, dkumar@nccu.edu
Faculty: Todd Seto, MD, MPH, tseto@queens.org
Faculty: Lourdes E. Soto de Laurido, EdD, MPHE, lourdes.soto1@upr.edu
Faculty: George Perry, PhD, george.perry@utsa.edu

February 18-21, 2020

2020 LEADS Annual Summit

The LEADS Summit was a specially designed 2-day opportunity for scholars and alumni to continue their training in not-commonly-taught skills; connect with the LEADS research network; interact with colleagues and leaders; share their career progress; and celebrate their successes.

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