University of Pittsburgh Collaboration in Addiction Training Scholars (PittCATS) Program

PittCATS K12 provides training to guide scholars towards independent careers in clinical and translational research. Through the KL2 Program, scholars are given 75% protected time and $50,000 in researcher funds to achieve its goal of preparing highly qualified junior faculty Scholars for independent careers in substance use and substance use disorders (SUD) research, with a focus on the care of patients with substance use and SUD in general medical settings.


  1. Didactic Training

    Scholars with varying levels of prior research experience receive rigorous, individualized didactic training encompassing a broad spectrum of research methodologies, technologies, concepts, and research tools.

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  3. Experiential Learning

    Scholars are immersed in multidisciplinary research programs and given training in leadership, management, and team building, all of which fosters effective cross-disciplinary collaboration and team-oriented approaches to research.

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  5. Mentoring

    Scholars are aided by multidisciplinary mentoring and career guidance as they gain experience in the conduct of clinical research projects from conceptualization to completion.

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  7. A Platform for Independent Success

    Scholars develop and submit competitive grant applications to secure funding that will enable their success as independent clinical researchers.

"The ICRE’s professional development and mentoring seminars introduced me to countless resources across the university, helped me to build strong mentoring relationships, grew my professional network, provided me

with team management skills, and fostered collaboration."

- Allison Culyba, MD, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh
2019 Clinical and Translational Science Scholars Program Graduate

For information on eligibility, financial support, expectations, and curriculum, see the Program Details page.


Dr. Jane Liebschutz

Program Director

Dr. Erin Winstanley

Program Director

Executive Committee Members

Dr. Elizabeth Krans

Program Director

Dr. Brooke Molina

Program Director

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