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TRANSFORM scholars will complete six month-long online leadership modules. These modules:

Module Topics:

  • Navigating Academia as an Under-Represented Faculty Member
  • Nurturing Your Well-Being
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Strategic Career Planning
  • Building National Visibility by Leveraging Social Capital
  • Career and Resource Sustainability

TRANSFORM scholars will:

  • Be matched with a mentor who has appropriate areas of scientific expertise and experience. The mentor will help the scholar address academic and research-related challenges specific to mid-career faculty.
  • Use a "text-mentoring" app to communicate with their mentor.
  • Enlist the Customized Career Development Platform (CCDP) to develop and track career and leadership plans.
  • Engage in peer-peer small-group mentoring, discussing challenges, practicing skills, and sharing strategies for success.
  • Working with their institutional leader, scholars will identify an organizational change project which targets an issue of importance to both the institution and to the scholars’ leadership and professional goals.
  • Scholars will present their completed projects at the end-of-program Symposium at the end of the program.
  • Scholars will use the results of baseline assessments that measure psychological safety, resilience, and self-efficacy to identify personal learning goals
  • Scholars will participate in a culturally tailored, innovative coaching series for a total of 6, one-hour virtual sessions.
  • Scholars will work in small peer-to-peer mentoring groups to share challenges, strengths-based practice skills, and strategies for success.

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