Supporting Our Scientists (SOS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are KL2 scholars eligible for this program?
Yes, KL2 scholars are eligible for the SOS program

Is the time banking debit card included in the $35,000 provided for research funding?
The time banking funds are separate from the research funds.

I am just shy of being an assistant professor for 2 years at Pitt, am I still eligible?
Yes, so long as you have been an assistant professor at Pitt for approximately 2 years.

Could I use the research funds for a graduate student researcher?
Yes, you can use the SOS funds for a GSR. (Note- per stipulation of the granting agency, the award funds cannot be used to support supplies- they must be used to support research personnel. This includes contract work necessary to generate essential reagents (e.g., transgenic mice, antibodies, etc).

Can research-track assistant professors apply?
Yes, research-track assistant professors can apply so long as they meet the remaining eligibility criteria. Please note that priority will be given to people who are establishing an independent research career.

I have received the Faculty Advancement Award in the past, am I eligible to apply for SOS?
Yes, you are eligible to apply for SOS if you received the Faculty Advancement Award in the past.

I have never been externally funded; can I still apply?
Faculty members without externally-funded grants are not eligible for this award.

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