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Continuous evaluation of ICRE programs and courses helps ensure that we meet the needs of our students, trainees, scholars, and faculty. Housed within the Office of Evaluation, the Research on Careers Committee uses data collected through evaluation efforts to inform research and publications on the career trajectory and success of trainees, scholars, and students within the ICRE.

The Office of Evaluation uses a variety of strategies to conduct our thorough and informative evaluations:

Surveys are the most commonly used evaluation tools at the ICRE. Students and trainees complete an annual survey designed to capture key components of career development including leadership skills, job and career satisfaction, mentoring, burnout, clinical research skills, and networking. Alumni complete biennial surveys that help inform longitudinal evaluation and research on career trajectories. All surveys are completed online through individualized web portals where trainees, scholars, and students can verify publication and grant information and upload CVs to further inform evaluation efforts.

Course evaluations and exit surveys are used to assess course quality, teaching effectiveness of faculty and teaching assistants, competency-based education, and program satisfaction. Results from course evaluations have informed the evolution of hybrid and online courses, adjustments to course content and materials, and the formation of new courses. Program-specific exit surveys, completed when students and trainees complete their degrees or programs, provide information about satisfaction at the program level.

Interviews and focus groups are often used to supplement information gathered from surveys or course evaluations. These qualitative methods are completed with a variety of stakeholders, including students, trainees, scholars, and faculty.

The Office of Evaluation also offers assistance to faculty in developing and supporting evaluation efforts for grant-funded training programs. These services include adaptation of ICRE survey instruments for new programs, evaluation planning, and consultation during grant preparation. For help with an evaluation plan for your training program or for grant preparation, feel free to contact us by e-mail.

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