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MBA/Biomedical Translational Research and Entrepreneurship Program

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Participants will first meet with the University of Pittsburgh and Tepper School leadership team and subsequently interview with three potential laboratories to identify suitable projects appropriate to their interests. After a mentor (and co-mentor, where appropriate) is chosen, participants will organize a research & commercialization advisory committee composed of two to four faculty, and develop an individual development plan (IDP). The major component of the Entrepreneurial Research training program will be experiential learning in basic, translational, or clinical biomedical sciences with an expectation of a 20-hour per week commitment over a 15-18 month period (note: hours and contact time can be tailored to specific project requirements).

FORMAL DIDACTIC COURSE WORK (as required based on IDP)

CLRES 2050 Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research (1 credit in spring)
CLRES 2700 Fundamentals of Bench Research (2 credits in summer)
CLRES 2140 Best practices (1 credit in spring)
CLRES 2076 Introduction to Grant Writing (1 credit in spring)