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Research on Careers

The Research on Careers Committee focuses on the evaluation of the education, career development and success of trainees. Under the Office for Evaluation, the committee has created a sophisticated mechanism and rigorous follow-up structure to track the progress of trainees and scholars. It has also developed a theoretical model for the career trajectory of trainees and scholars and can help faculty members apply this model to their training programs.

The Research on Careers Committee has developed a theoretical model of career success based on data gathered from ICRE trainees over the past 4 years, published in Rubio et al., 2011.

Committee members have published broadly on the topics of education and career development for clinical and translational scientists:

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If you would like to collaborate with the Research on Careers Committee, please contact us.

Committee Members

Doris Rubio, PhD
Wishwa Kapoor, MD, MPH
Galen Switzer, PhD
Brian Primack, MD, PhD, MS
Jason Colditz, MEd