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Timothy M Hughes

Postdoctoral Fellow


130 N. Bellefield Street, Room 463
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-383-1066 (office)



Area of Specialization/Research Interest:
Epidemiology of Aging
Age-related Neurodegenerative Disorders
Plasma biomarker discovery and development


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Hughes TM, Rosano C, Evans RW, Kuller LH. Brain Cholesterol Metabolism, Oxysterols and Dementia. J Alz Dis, 2012 Oct 17. PMID 23076077

Hughes TM, Althouse AD, Niemczyk NA, Hawkins MS, Kuipers AL, Sutton-Tyrrell K. Effects of weight loss and insulin reduction on arterial stiffness in the SAVE trial. Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2012 Sep 22;11(1):114. PMID: 22998737.

Hughes TM, Kuller LH, Lopez OL, Becker JT, Evans RW, Sutton-Tyrrell K, Rosano, C. Markers of cholesterol metabolism in the brain show stronger associations with cerebrovascular disease than Alzheimer’s disease. J Alz Dis, 2012 Jan 1;30(1):53-61. PMCID: PMC3348402.

Launer L, Hughes T, White L. Microinfarcts, brain atrophy, and cognitive function: The Honolulu Asia Aging Study Autopsy Study. Ann Neurol. 2011 Nov;70(5): 774-780. PMCID: PMC3241005.

McAreavey D, Vidal JS, Owens DS, Aspelund T, Hughes T, Garcia M, Sigurdsson S, Gudnason V, Harris T, Launer L, Plehn J. Correlation of Echocardiographic Findings with Cerebral Infarction in Elderly Adults: The AGES-Reykjavik Study. Stroke.2010 Oct;41(10):2223-8. PMCID: PMC3008777.

Launer L, Hughes T, Yu B, Masaki K, Petrovitch H, Ross, G, White L. Lowering midlife levels of systolic blood pressure as a public health strategy to reduce late-life dementia: perspective from the Honolulu Heart Program/Honolulu Asia Aging Study. Hypertension.2010 Jun; 55(6):1352-9. PMID: PMC3241740.

Recent Grants:
2012-2013 NIA funded T32 Aging Training Grant for Postdoctoral Scholars
2010 Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory Study (GEM) ancillary study grant
2010 Multimodal Neuroimaging Training Program, NIH funded 6-week neuroimaging training program
2010 Department of Epidemiology Small Grants Program Award, University of Pittsburgh
2009-2011 NHLBI funded T32 Cardiovascular Epidemiology Training Grant for Predoctoral Trainees