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Grant Writing Resources

For all students in the PhD Program for Clinical and Translational Science, required coursework will include Research Design and Development Part I and Part II and Medical Writing and Presentation Skills.

The Research Design and Development course builds on the skills learned in the summer core coursework and provides a hands-on research experience. Students will learn the phases of the research process from conception to design and, ultimately, to implementation of the research. Through a combination of group seminars and independent work, students will use a research topic related to their dissertation ideas to develop their own research proposal in the form of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant application. The application will include sections on specific aims, background and significance, previous work, and methods. In addition, students will review and critique the work of their peers.

The course on medical writing provides students with the skills to present their work clearly and effectively. The main objective of the course is to help students develop excellent medical writing and presentation skills. This objective will be achieved through a combination of lectures, readings, and individual and small-group projects in which students practice specific skills. Students will have the opportunity to be videotaped while they present a talk and will receive anonymous written feedback.

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