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A defining characteristic of the PhD Program in Clinical and Translational Science is that students are engaged simultaneously in didactic coursework and practical research experiences. The PhD in Clinical and Translational Science requires a minimum of 72 credits. The program curriculum has 4 different categories of courses:

  1. Core Courses
    • Tightly integrated series of courses with coordination of topics, problems, and skills acquisition across the various content areas.
    • Begins with an intensive summer program that immerses the trainee in didactic and experiential components of all of the major areas of the core.
  2. Advanced Selectives
    • Chosen by a student and his or her mentor and approved by the program director.
    • Focus on the advanced methodologic or analytic topics that will be most useful to the student's chosen area of research.
  3. Research Specialization
    • Elective courses chosen by student and approved by program director.
  4. Dissertation Research
    • Required credits taken after entering PhD candidacy.

The figures below show the sequencing of coursework and as well as a sample student schedule including program milestones.

Curriculum Overview

curriculum table

Sample Student Schedule*

curriculum table

*Individual student schedules may vary.

**Can be taken in either the fall or spring term.