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Office for Evaluation

The Office for Evaluation is responsible for evaluating the ICRE’s career development and degree programs, as well as the trainees they serve. It also provides evaluation support to additional grant-funded training programs as they develop within the ICRE. The Office for Evaluation is available to help faculty members develop an evaluation component for their training programs and additionally offers grant development consultation. The office partners with the Center for Research on Health Care (CRHC) Data Center to provide secure web-based tracking systems and infrastructure to conduct the evaluation of trainees.

Research on Careers

The Research on Careers Committee is housed within the Office for Evaluation and focuses on the evaluation of the career development and success of trainees. It has created a sophisticated mechanism and rigorous follow-up structure to track the progress of trainees and scholars, and it publishes articles on career success metrics. The Research on Careers Committee developed a theoretical model for the career trajectory of trainees and scholars, and this model is of wide interest to the larger community involved in clinical and translational science training.

ICRE Evaluation

The Office for Evaluation uses mixed methods to evaluate ICRE programs and trainees. Survey instruments are the most comprehensive methods used; however, qualitative methods such as focus groups and interviews may also be used to subserve information obtained from surveys. The ICRE also conducts course evaluations for every course, which assess course quality, teaching effectiveness of faculty and teaching assistants, and competency-based education. All methods help contribute to the overall evaluation of the ICRE.

The ICRE trainee surveys measure a wide variety of items and allow for the capture of longitudinal data on both trainees and programs. Collectively, the surveys inform leadership in areas such as satisfaction, mentoring, networking, burnout, clinical research skills, and work preferences, which allows for quality improvement of programs and research on the careers of trainees.

All trainees complete the ICRE Annual Trainee Survey upon first matriculation and each year they remain in a program within the ICRE. Trainees complete a program-specific exit survey upon completion of each program, and an alumni survey every two years after exiting the ICRE. All surveys are online and easily accessible to trainees through secure web portals. The interface allows current trainees and alumni to securely access their account to complete the survey, edit personal and work-related demographic information, upload their CV, and verify publication and grant information. This system allows the Office of Evaluation to continuously track trainees’ career progress and successes during and after their training at the ICRE.

The Office for Evaluation can provide assistance for your T32, T35, and K training programs. All survey instruments can be modified to fit your needs.

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