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Summer 2018

The Zombie Diseases of Climate Change: What lurks in the Arctic’s thawing permafrost? by Robinson Meyer for The Atlantic. Published November 6, 2017.
Ancient, long forgotten bacteria and viruses that have been held captive under Greenland’s thick layers of frost are being released into the air as climate change thaws more and more parts of the north, reported The Atlantic in a piece that discussed the threat of "zombie diseases" from climate change.

Management Time: Who's Got the Monkey? By William Oncken, Jr. and Donald L. Wass for Harvard Business Review. Published Nov-Dec 1999.
Why is it that managers are typically running out of time while their subordinates are typically running out of work? This article explores the meaning of management time as it relates to the interaction between managers and their bosses, their peers, and their subordinates.

How to Make a Great First Impression: 9 Powerful Tips by Jeff Haden for Inc. Published December 11, 2017.
Authentic, genuine... and easy for anyone to do. Even introverts like me.

How Unconscious Bias Is Affecting Our Ability To Listen by Vivan Giang for Fast Company. Published September 8, 2016.
Research shows listeners tend to have a bias against female voices, even when they’re saying the same thing as a man.

How a Dean Got Over Impostor Syndrome — and Thinks You Can, Too by Nell Gluckman for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Published November 26, 2017.
Valerie Ashby suffered from impostor syndrome until she identified the phenomenon and spent a year practicing 10 steps to overcome it.

3 Simple Ways for Women to Rethink Office Politics and Wield More Influence at Work by Kathryn Heath for Harvard Business Review. Published December 18, 2017.
First, draw a map.

Try This Exercise In Radical Empathy To Minimize Conflict by Elizabeth Segran for Fast Company. Published December 19, 2016.
In an ever-polarized world, it's important to consider points of view other than your own. But truly being open-minded involves some tricky mental work. This exercise, which has helped Trump and Clinton supporters see eye to eye, can help you deal with any conflict in your life.



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