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Mentoring Resources

We believe that mentoring is the key to successfully navigating your career path. Effective mentoring can mean the difference between reaching independence and missing the mark. This site serves as a knowledge base and provides resources for mentees and mentors at every stage. Whether you are just getting started or are looking for ways to get more out of the mentoring relationship, you will find resources to help you on your way. We explore topics such as deciding on the right mentoring model, communicating effectively, giving and receiving feedback, and finding strategies for problem solving.

Feel free to read our articles (choose a topic from the menu on the left). We have many of the tools needed to enhance your mentoring experience whether you are a mentor or mentee.

If you need help finding a mentor, please use our searchable database of ICRE mentors click here.

"It was also good to have the community of other young scholars from all the schools of the health sciences to bounce ideas off each other, and to learn about new opportunities."

—Former ICRE Trainee