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Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists to Success (LEADS)

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Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists to Success (LEADS)

Launch your research career through the Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists to Success (LEADS) program.

LEADS is an innovative, year-long program in Translational Research designed to meet the unique needs of junior faculty and post-docs at partnering Minority Serving Institutions (MSI's) who belong to underrepresented groups, as defined by the National Institutes of Health. Scholars will develop skills in multiple areas including grant writing and team science, which are essential to launching a successful biomedical research career.

"This workshop could not have come at a better time, as I really grappled with my decision to return to the world of academia. The group sessions and individual meetings were most timely and spoke to my individual needs at this time. I can't thank [LEADS] enough for [their] hospitality and for [their] time and effort devoted to helping me become the best version of my professional self.”

—Katherine Manuel, PhD (LEADS Scholar 2018-19) on the LEADS Program Opening Workshop

In the LEADS program:

Fellows who complete the program:

Who Should Apply?

If you are a post-doc or junior faculty enrolled at one of the participating MSI's, we encourage you to apply.

Prior to applying, trainees are encouraged to contact the member of the leadership team from their institution to discuss the requirements of this program. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


LEADS is sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH), grant R25 GM116740. There is no cost to participants.