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Participants in Clinical Scientist Training Program

2018 Entering Class

Michael Belsky


Program Mentor: Amanda Gillespie, PhD

Project Title: PhoRTE and EMST For Treatment of Presbyphonia

James Brown


Program Mentor: Herbert Zeh, MD

Project Title: Grading of surgeon technical performance and postoperative biliary complications for pancreaticoduodenectomy

Zaneta Franklin


Program Mentor: Bruce Rollman, MD

Project Title: Investigating the Correlation of Walk Scores with Objective Physical Activity and Their Potential for Predicting Outcomes for Patients with Heart Failure

Benjamin Hayes


Program Mentor: Nadine Melhem, PhD

Project Title: The Effects of Pubertal Development and Sex on HPA-Axis Dysregulation and Depression following Chronic Stress

Katherine Kruckenberg


Program Mentor: Andrea Dimartini, MD

Project Title: Post Traumatic Growth and Alcohol Use After Transplant for Alcohol Induced Liver Disease

Audrey Lim


Program Mentor: Cuneyt Alper, MD

Project Title: Comparison of Tubomanometry and EarPopper devices for Eusatacian tube function testing in children and adults

Kimberly Lin


Program Mentor: David Kolko, PhD

Project Title: Measurement of Organizational Culture and Climate in Pediatric Primary Care Practices

Cristine Oh


Program Mentor: Anne Germain, PhD

Project Title: Sex/Gender, Trauma, and Sleep

Natalie Pace


Program Mentor: Pamela Moalli, MD, PhD

Project Title: Pelvic floor function and quality of life in women with complicated and uncomplicated mesh repair

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