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The Clinical Scientist Training Program (CSTP) offers clinical research training and scholarships to University of Pittsburgh medical students who are committed to careers in clinical investigation.

Students apply during winter of their third year of medical school to take a research year between third and fourth year of medical school. To ensure continuity, the program expects students to continue working with the University of Pittsburgh Scholarly Project (SP) mentor with whom they have an established relationship.

The CSTP includes:

Formal coursework: Students complete the ICRE core curriculum (11 credits), a writing or public speaking course (Medical Writing and Presentation Skills (MEDEDU 2140), Speaking of Science (NROSCI 2014, or Translating Science (NROSCI 2410), Seminar for Understanding Principles and Practices of Research Techniques (CLRES 2075), and additional elective credits to complete a 15-credit graduate certificate in clinical research. The CSTP includes full-tuition scholarship for this graduate coursework. A University of Pittsburgh medical student may additionally petition the CSTP to complete all requirements toward a 30-credit MS in clinical research in the dual MD/MS program; however, the cost of any credits above the 15 covered by the CSTP tuition scholarship will be the student's responsibility.

Mentored clinical research: Students complete a mentored clinical research project with their SP mentor culminating in at least one presentation at a national meeting and one first-author manuscript.

Financial support: Students receive a living stipend, health insurance, and travel funds for the research year. Those who successfully complete their research year objectives additionally receive a substantial tuition scholarship toward the final year of medical school.

For more information, contact Amber Barnato, MD, MPH, MS.