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Graduates of the Clinical Scientist Training Program

2017 Graduates

Gabriela Algarroba

Program Mentor: Debra Bogen, MD

Project Title: Postpartum Anxiety: Screening Tools and Timing in the Pediatric Setting

James Dolezal

Program Mentor: Edward Prochownik, MD, PhD

Project Title: Machine Learning Reveals Patterns of Ribosomal Protein Expression in Human Cancers

Gregg Robbins-Welty

Program Mentor: Charles Reynolds, MD

Project Title: Medical Comorbidity in Complicated Grief: Results from the HEAL Trial

Maulin Shah

Program Mentor: Jon Davison, MD

Project Title: Improving the Risk Tratificaiton of Patients with Barrett's Esophagus

Shantal Villalobos

Program Mentor: Evan Waxman, MD, PhD

Project Title: The Barriers Influencing lack of followup in high risk patients for vision loss or blindness after diagnostic evidence of significant retinal damage is found in patients with diabetes and/or glaucoma

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