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Career Education and Enhancement for Health Care Research Diversity (CEED) Program

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Program Content

The program duration is 12 months, starting July 1 and ending June 30.

Monthly Seminar Series: is the core of the CEED program. CEED Scholars have an opportunity to present their research projects and receive critiques and encouragement in a collegial and friendly environment. Presentations are complemented by a variety of talks designed to frontload important information and/or skills need to succeed in an academic research environment. Click here for an upcoming schedule.

Required Courses

CEED Scholars are required to participate in the following courses with exceptions made if the Scholar has already taken a similar course.

CLRES 2071 or CLRES 2076:

CLRES 2071: Research Design and Development (Grant Writing)

Trainees will learn the phases of the research process from conception to design and, ultimately, to implementation of the research. Through a combination of group sessions and independent work, trainees will use a research topic of their choice to develop their own research proposal in the form of an NIH grant application. The application will include sections on specific aims, background and significance, previous work, and methods. In addition, trainees will review and critique the work of their peers. Mentor must be identified prior to enrollment.

CLRES 2076: Introduction to Grant Writing

For those Scholars who are not yet prepared to take the year-long introductory course this one is required. Obtaining peer-reviewed grant support is one of the most critical determinants to academic and career success, yet the process is highly challenging. Through select readings and podcasts, the writing of a draft grant application to request funds from one of the many seed programs available to Pitt students and faculty, and class discussions led by an long-time NIH-funded clinical investigator, Introduction to Grant Writing CLRES 2076 will provide CEED Scholars, clinical fellows, post-doctoral students, and junior faculty without any prior grant writing experience with useful knowledge, insights, and skills in the grant writing process to improve their chances of later funding and subsequent career success.

MEDEDU 2140: Medical Writing and Presentation Skills

Medical educators and researchers must be able to present their work clearly and effectively. However, important educational material and important research data are sometimes obscured by poorly delivered presentations or poorly written papers. The main objective of this course is to help students develop excellent medical writing and presentation skills. This objective will be achieved through a combination of lectures, readings, and individual and small-group projects in which scholars will practice specific skills. Students will have the opportunity to be videotaped while they present a talk and will receive anonymous written feedback.

Mentoring Matters Workshop

Whether scholars are beginning in their research career and looking for direction or they want to discover and develop their leadership skills or learn how to work effectively in collaborative teams, this workshop will introduce them to and provide them with some of the skills required for successful career development in both basic and clinical research. The interactive one-day workshop is designed for postdoctoral and clinical fellows and junior faculty and will provide insight into developing a mission statement to guide your career, finding the best mentor to help achieve your goals, developing expectations for the mentoring relationship, and finding strategies for ensuring success. The workshop provides a unique opportunity for scholars to work with a diverse and multidisciplinary group of senior faculty members and to network with both basic and clinical researchers from across the schools of the health sciences.