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Competency Based Education

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What is Competency-Based Education?
Competency-Based Education places emphasis on performance and demonstration of learning, and the integration of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Competencies are observable and measurable, and specifically outline what learners should know and be able to do upon completion of study.
Teaching for competence requires methods that foster the integration of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and that give learners an opportunity to practice this integration.

Engage learners with the content and offer ample practice opportunities to develop skills and knowledge.
Assessment of competence requires methods that allow the learner to demonstrate their integration of knowledge and skills.

Provide opportunities to practice skills before administering high-stakes assessments. Offer authentic situations where feasible.
  • Homework
  • In-class, oral
  • In-class, written
  • Peer assessment
  • Peer coaching
  • Paper/proposal
  • Quiz
  • Self assessment
  • Test

Action Points

  • Create tools that help students integrate and use what they have learned.
  • Provide many performance opportunities in class.
  • Offer multiple practical opportunities to acquire the same knowledge and practice the same skills.
  • Include oral communication instruction and practice opportunities.
  • Design opportunities for management and leadership instruction and practice opportunities.

"Techniques/approaches to deal with problematic learners and effective strategies to provide feedback are some of the valuable skills I have learned and put to effective use during my ICU teaching rounds."

—Former ICRE Trainee