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Assessment rubric for Competency Evaluation of the Masters of Clinical Research Thesis

Assessment rubric for MS in clinical research

Assessment Rubrics
Written CommunicationOral CommunicationPeer Evaluation
Written Communication, Holistic
Written Communication, Analytic
Oral Communication, Holistic
Oral Communication, Holistic - 2
Oral Communication, Analytic
Oral Communication, Analytic - 2
Peer Teamwork Evaluation, Hybrid
Peer Evaluation of Teamwork, Analytic
Peer Review Assignment, Holistic
MiscellaneousWritten AssignmentsLabs
Leadership, Holistic
Ethics Case Analysis_Analytic
Online Discussion, Analytic

Modifiable Rubrics:
Case Study, Ethics
Written Assignment, Holistic
Project/Proposal, Analytic
Project_Weighted Analytic
Literature Review, Analytic
Homework, Holistic
Homework, Analytic

Modifiable Rubrics:
Written Assignment, Holistic
Homework, Holistic
Homework, Analytic
Labs, Holistic
Labs, Analytic

Modifiable Rubrics:
Labs, Holistic
Labs, Analytic
Small Group Work Class ParticipationModifiable Self-Assessment Rubrics
Small Group Work, Holistic
Small Group Work, Analytic
Small Group Work with Presentation, Analytic
Class Participation, Holistic
Class Participation, Analytic
Self-Assessment Survey, Course 2040
Self-Assessment Survey, Course 2071/2072