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Applications for the ENACT Online Courses

The ENACT Program is now taking applications for its online courses: PCOR Studies Part I: Writing a Successful Concept Proposal, and PCOR Studies Part II: Writing a Full Contract Proposal.

The goal of this training is to deliver innovative online modules on Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) methods to NIH-funded Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMIs). The training will include video lectures (to be viewed before the live sessions) on relevant topics in PCOR, live sessions to discuss example PCOR proposals and methods, and small group discussion to provide peer feedback.

Trainees will:

Applicants should:

Applicants who successfully complete either course are also encouraged to apply for the Fellowship Program.

In order to apply, applicants need to complete an online application.

For technical assistance or application questions, please contact the Course Coordinator, Kristin Kropf at or 412-692-2490.